Life at Crest

Enabled Workforce

Our culture is built on the pillars of Care, Connect and Collaboration and is supported by a solid value system and governance, which serve as a unifying principle in how we operate. With equity of opportunity for all, we support co-creating an inclusive workplace. Our greatest asset is our people and our high-trust, high-performance culture is built on the principles of letting employees be who they are, taking a transparent, fair approach and connecting with people at all levels.

Safety First is our company’s mantra, reinforcing our dedication to providing our employees with a safe and healthy working environment. We work hard to create an environment at work where everyone feels valued and inspired to express their uniqueness and work together for the common goal of the organization.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Our aim at Crest Digitel is to co-create an inclusive workplace where everyone has the same access to opportunities. As market leaders in the Digital Infrastructure space, we also have a responsibility to include and diversify. We work to break down our biases, change our thought processes and ensure voices are heard and acted on.

At our organization, each employee is valued for their unique skills and experience and is empowered to contribute to business success. An employee hired by us definitely brings something to the table that everyone can learn from and contribute to. As an organisation, it matters less where we came from or what race, ethnicity, religion or culture we represent; we focus on developing the skills and competencies we need to succeed.

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