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in Network Infrastructure

What We Do

As one of the leading Passive-Digital Connectivity Infrastructure Providers (DCIP) in the country, we assist all major telecom companies through a diverse range of built-to-suit solutions. Our area of expertise lies in the hyper-growing Data & Digitization sector where we operate shared In-Building Communications infrastructure for wireless carriers, broadcasters, and other companies that provide end-user communication services.


Crest Digitel recognizes its responsibility to protect the environment and is committed to regulating all its activities for minimizing adverse environmental impacts arising from its operations. All the Crest sites are diesel-free. We also make sure that electronic waste and batteries are disposed in accordance with hazardous waste management rules.

Given the energy-intensive nature of the telecom sector, we have consistently strived to remain at the forefront of developing a Sustainable Digital Infrastructure through our comprehensive offerings, operational expertise and top-notch human capital.

We strive to operate in an inclusive environment where we can support the communities we serve, the environment in which we have an impact and our employees’ overall well-being.


Crest Digitel recognizes its responsibility to provide a safe and healthy working environment to all its employees, workers, partners and stakeholders. We are working to have best-in-class Health, Safety, Security & Environment practices at all our sites, workplaces, warehouses and offices. We firmly believe that all accidents, occupational illnesses, injuries, safety & environmental incidents are preventable. The fundamental responsibility of implementing the system and continual improvement lies with all of us, particularly site management. Our Seven Safety habits enable all to strictly follow and implement Health & Safety Management System uniformly at all Sites, Workplaces and Offices covering our employees, workers, stakeholders, customers, visitors and business partners against any risk, hazard, injury or ill health and require a mandatory site visit to check the safety compliance.


We at Crest are committed to providing a complete, cohesive customer experience that aligns with our organization’s vision of Enabling connections for life. Our offerings help efficiently enable voice & data connectivity in hyperdense locations including residential, commercial, retail, travel and industrial areas as per the customer requirements by providing scalability at a low operational cost and negating the need for upfront Capex to be incurred by the customers. We are committed to revolutionizing people’s lives by seamlessly connecting them at any time and from any location. This commitment is evidenced by maintaining an excellent uptime in line with customers’ expectations.