An overview of our portfolio

As the leading Passive-Digital Connectivity Infrastructure Provider,
we offer a wide range of services for commercial,
residential, and industrial customers.

In-Building Solution (IBS)

We deploy IBS on behalf of the Mobile Service Providers, which aims to expand mobile network coverage and capacity in hard-to-access areas, in hospitals, hotels, malls, metros and airports, where accessing mobile networks is challenging. The deployed IBS is also capable of being integrated with our outdoor poles or rooftop poles solutions resulting in better coverage. This State-of-the-Art In-Building Solution (IBS) provides mobile operators with the ability to extend and distribute their cellular signal in and around buildings in areas where outdoor tower signals are inadequate or non-existent. By implementing our plug-and-play design architecture for the Mobile Service Providers, we deliver solutions independent of technologies, enabling us to work on behalf of all operators efficiently and effectively. As a part of our 5G ready IBS design, we are ready to provide a seamless user experience to our customers’ clients. IBS is installed in metro stations, tunnels, tunnelling infrastructure, offices, malls, hospitals, airports, and countless other locations.

Small Cell Solution (SC)

Small Cell Solution offers rooftop poles and street furniture to accommodate small cellular base stations to improve network coverage in densely populated areas and increase the network’s capacity.

ResNet Solution

ResNet solution aims to provide a high-speed internet connection to residential complexes so that residents can access high-quality Internet service. The floors of the building are interconnected in a uniform and seamless manner across the entire structure.

BizNet Solution

BizNet aims to provide industrial premises with high-speed data and voice communication for business and commercial purposes, enabling them to communicate better.